Carranque footbridge´s rehabilitation

AR2V performed the repair and improvement of the footbridge over the Guadarrama River in Carranque (Toledo). This footbridge connects the Archaeological Park and the center of the town.

The cable stayed bridge is 73 m long. The tightening tower is 17 m east and 56 m west. The board does not interact with the tower, passing cleanly between the masts. The footbridge has a step platform 4.0 m wide.


The footbridge presents damages that can lead to the loss of structural safety and the capacity of the structure to support loads, and others that affect its durability. In addition, the adverse weather conditions convert the step platform (made of wood) into an extremely slippery surface that produces frequent slips and falls.

AR2V proposed replacing the passage platform with one formed by concrete slabs that support the passage of an ambulance, for this purpose it is necessary to use a concrete reinforced with fibers of high carrying capacity. This new platform protects the structure that supports it from the attack of the flux salts more efficiently than the existing wooden sleepers.

We also recommend the change of the steel structure that supports the platform (strongly corroded) by a new one with a protection system type duplex, which will provide a significantly longer life .

In addition, we made an inspection and performance protocol for the concrete core, the main structure of the board, and for the metallic diaphragms for anchoring the cables, due to the large fissures that can be observed.

We carried out other repairs such as the improvement of the drainage, the replacement of damaged elements or the cleaning and the conditioning of the access.

Data table

  • Client: Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha
  • Location: Carranque
  • Year: 2017
  • Typology: Footbridge
  • Material: Concrete, steel